The negative impacts of casinos on the society!

Though there are substantial positive impacts of the casinos and gambling industry in various forms, they are somewhat over shadowed by the negative impacts these casinos and gambling have on the people and the society at large. Here’s why:

Instant Money: Due to the easy access to gain money and in greed more and more people have started paying visits to the casinos. This is not a good signs as people should be encouraged to earn money in the right ways and not by crooked and short cut ways such as this. It is good if you are able to make money. What if you lose money? People tend to go overboard at times and end up taking huge amounts as loan to increase their income earned by gambling, which is not a good thing.

Crime rates: Usually, there are high amounts of money involved in these games. And people do not part with their hard earned money that easily. This leads to forceful snatching away of money, extortions etc. Sometimes if a party does not pay up the money they owe, they might get killed or may lead to the kidnapping of their kin to extract high ransoms; often much more than what they usually ask for.

Addiction: Too much of anything is bad they say. This is the reason, people are asked not to get addicted to anything. The same thing can be said about casinos. Once a person gets addicted to visiting them and the prospect of earning more and more non-taxable income if luck favors, make these a frequently visited place among the people. This is not a good sign as most of the constructive times and the energy levels are being used in the wrong aspects of life.