The Tulalip resort casino

If you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy and unwind after a hectic week then Tulalip resort casino is the place for you. It provides you with several options to loosen yourself and take pleasure of the entertainment provided. So take a back seat and loosen up.

There is a high class ballroom called the orca ballroom. It is a hotspot for entertainment and has become a very famous arena for comic acts. Here one can let go of them and enjoy the shows. This ballroom has a seating capacity of about 1,200. So go ahead and book a show with either friends or your family and enjoy a captivating evening.

The Tulalip casino resort also holds an extravagant amphitheatre which has gained popularity. The Tulalip amphitheatre has a seating capacity of about 2,200. This outdoor amphitheatre has become a site to see for the entire tourist due to its popularity.

The Tulalip lounge is a high end lounge that provides excellent catering and bartending. It is the most famous spot in the Tulalip casino due to its individual bartending available. It is a perfect blend of glamour and technology thus is a site to see. It leaves people breathless with its aura and energy. The TULALIP CASINO HOTEL provides a separate and exclusive VIP area for special and private parties. There are a number of panel televisions displayed all around the lounge. The presence in the lounge is just to electrifying which is a perfect balance with the beats of the D.J. It is a very different site when compared to the other areas of the resort. If you want to enjoy with a couple of pals, a few drinks and a place that is very energetic then this is the place to be.